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Our site was founded by David Goldstein, a former employee of Keller and Keller and Progressive Auto Insurance who now makes his living online.  He has first-hand experience working with Indiana chiropractors on personal injury cases and knows exactly what kind of patients and leads they are trying to generate.  Using his past work experience and unique online business knowledge, he has created an innovative and invaluable tool for patients and chiropractors to connect.


Where does our traffic come from?

Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), we rank high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for many competitive keywords relevant to local Indiana cities, chiropractors, accidents, injuries, and people seeking medical treatment. 

We use additional methods of online and offline marketing, such as PPC (pay per click) and direct marketing.

Using the relationships we have developed over the years in the personal injury and insurance fields, we have a network of contacts in the industry that refer potential patients looking for treatment to our website.



Premium and Premium Plus members can expect valuable leads from patients looking for chiropractic and medical care.

Get a first page presence for your practice through our site for targeted local keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing without having to pay the exorbitant SEO costs of getting your own website ranked.

Being listed on our site offers your business credibility with patients and will make them feel more confident when selecting you as their medical provider.

The link in your profile to your own website is valuable for SEO purposes and can help your site improve in the search engine rankings.

Our profiles are highly customizable and allow you to differentiate yourself from other chiropractors.  

Premium Plus features include:

* Featured profile on our main home page, top of the search pages, and city specific page.

* Post articles, information, and coupons for your practice. 

* Receive an “Indianas Best” Badge for your profile and website

* Ability to manage the reviews that you receive.

* Exclusive territory with a limited amount of spots available for each Indiana city.

* First priority to general leads that come in to the site.

* Dedicated representative


Other Services?

NONE!  We do no try to cross sell you on any other services such as website design, SEO, and offline marketing like many directories do (almost all are founded by marketing companies).  We are not a marketing or SEO firm.  As mentioned, our background is in personal injury and insurance. The sole purpose of this site is to provide an easy to use website for those looking for information about Indiana chiropractors, and connect those potential patients with qualified local chiropractors.

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