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The Top 10 Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

One of the most common reasons for chiropractic treatment is for injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.  Of those injuries that they see related to car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, whiplash is the most prevalent.  While it is not necessary, it is usually prudent to seek the advice of an attorney when involved in this type of incident. 

If you are trying to settle your case with the insurance company and you do not have experience about how the process works, be prepared to get the run around.  Modern insurance companies are large corporate entity’s built on catchy advertising and marketing with only one goal in mind, PROFIT.  Insurance adjusters will try to settle the claim as quickly as possible before you are aware of the extent of your injuries, and will offer you as little money as possible.  Regardless if this is the other persons insurance, or your own.  They are trained in negotiation, and will use whatever tactic they need to get your claim closed out and off their desk as quickly as possible. 

In Indiana, you have 2 years from the date of the accident to submit an injury claim and settle your case.  If your case is not settled by the two year mark, or you have not had an attorney file a complaint with the court by that point, you are out of luck and no longer have a claim.  Not understanding the personal injury laws in Indiana can cause you to lose any right you have to settle your case and receive compensation.  Therefore, having a lawyer can be extremely beneficial.  On top of that, some chiropractors will see you without any up-front payment if you are signed up with a reputable attorney, specifically the ones on our list.  They know that these firms have a very high rate of success on the cases they take in, and all of the medical providers will get paid back out of the settlement directly from the lawyer.  So, some doctors will not have a problem floating the balance until the case settles making it much easier for an injured person to get the treatment they need.

Just like chiropractors, there are many lawyers to choose from in our state with a variety of specialties, expertise, and experience.  Choosing one can be a difficult task and can impact the results of your case.  Below is a list of the top 10 personal injury lawyers in Indiana. 


1. Blackburn and Green

Founded in 1991 by I.U graduates Tom Blackburn and R.T. Green, they have decades of experience between the two of them.  They are one of the largest specialty personal injury and wrongful death law offices in Indiana with 24 offices and 9 attorneys.  They do not practice any other type of law, and pride themselves on traveling to their clients and meeting with them face to face. The firm’s standard fee is 1/3 and they offer a “Fair Fee Guarantee”, which means the amount of their fee will never exceed the amount of money that you get after settling the case.   


2. Keller and Keller

Specializing in personal injury and social security disability, Keller and Keller was founded by George Keller in 1936.  Mr. Keller had an accomplished career handling cases that helped establish and change personal injury case law in our country.  Today, the tradition of the firm continues to be carried on by family Jack and Jim Keller.  They have 3 offices in Indianapolis, 1 in Terre Haute, and 1 in South Bend.  They also have offices in Michigan and New Mexico with attorneys licensed to practice law in multiple states.  The standard fee for personal injury cases is 1/3, and they offer a “Zero Fee Guarantee”, which guarantees they will not charge you a fee if they do not settle your case.  Their fee will also generally not exceed what the client gets after settling the case.  Jim Keller founded the non-profit organization Samantha’s House, which helps children who are injured or struggling with disabilities.


3. Ken Nunn

Mr. Nunn has been practicing law in Indiana since he graduated from I.U. in 1967. He specializes in personal injury as well as social security disability, workers compensation, and dangerous products and drugs.  The firm was established in Bloomington, and they continue to call the city home, although they advertise heavily throughout the state and accept clients from every part of Indiana.  The Ken Nunn Law office tends to charge a higher fee then some of the other local law firms, but they do not charge a fee until the case is settled.  Ken Nunn is also known for his charitable donations, recently donating 2 million dollars to IU for a new entry plaza that will be named Ken Nunn Champions Plaza.


4. Kelly Law

Kelly Law was established in Chicago by Tim Kelly over 25 years ago, but for much of that time they have represented clients in Indiana with offices in Crown Point and Indianapolis.  They specialize in many of the same areas as the other attorneys on our list including personal injury, but what makes Mr. Kelly unique is that not only does he represent clients in motorcycle accidents, but he is a part of the community being an avid biker. He understands what motorcycles face on the road and can relate to his clients.  Depending on the situation, they his office will reduce their fees for people injured while riding a motorcycle.  There are a total of 5 lawyers that work in the firm’s 3 offices, all specializing in different areas of accident injuries. 


5. Tabor Law Firm

Focused solely on personal injury cases, the Tabor Law Firm was founded in 1970 by IU graduates Roy and Jeff Tabor to help represent people injured in Indiana. Their only office is located in Indianapolis, but they do serve clients from all over the state.  The firm has a small staff of 4 attorneys with a combined experience of over 75 years.  One of those attorneys on staff is fluent in Spanish which can be a huge benefit to clients whose native language is Spanish.


6. Schiller Law Offices

Founded by Butler and IU graduate Matthew Schiller, he has experience in all areas of personal injury, and this is what his firm specializes in.  The firm is located in Indianapolis, but they represent clients from many parts of Indiana.  They have 6 attorneys on staff with a dedicated support staff.  They work on a contingency basis, which means they do not charge any fees until the case is resolved.


7. Ken Allen Law

The Kenneth J. Allen Law Group is one of the most highly sought after personal injury firms in Indiana receiving national recognition for the work they have done.  They only handle serious personal injury cases and have a reputation for getting large settlements and verdicts in their favor.  The firm has received some of the largest verdicts for certain types of injuries and accidents in the state. They have very strict standards about the cases they take on only handling the most sever and rejecting 9 out of 10 cases that get submitted to their office.  Ken Allens goal is to not only resolve the case for his clients, but also make sure that the accident never occurs again for anybody else. The majority of the firms cases come from Northwest Indiana and Chicago with 5 offices located in these areas as well as 1 located in Indianapolis.  They have 16 experienced attorneys on staff with over 100 years combined of trial experience, as well as 1 doctor.


8. Ladendorf Law

Ladendorf law is a family practice with partners Mark and Daniel Ladnedorf.  They have over 40 years experience between them and represent clients throughout Indiana.  Their only office is located in Indianapolis, where they have 6 attorneys and 5 members of the support staff.  Their standard fee is 1/3, and they get paid on a contingency basis.  Founder and partner Dan Ladendorf had a significant impact on getting the Indiana Hospital Lien Statute changed in favor of injured hoosiers.


9. Goodin Abernathy

Located in Indianapolis, Goodin Abernathy specializes in personal injury as well as other areas such as employment law, real estate law, estate planning, immigration law, and mediations.  Their firm consists of 10 attorneys including founders James Goodin and Jon Abernathy, as well as a Spanish speaking attorney to assist the needs of those clients. While their only office is in Indianapolis, they serve the entire state.


10. Stewart and Stewart

Stewart and Stewart Attorneys specialize in personal injury, social security disability, and workers compensation as well as a multitude of other areas.  They have 12 attorneys on staff including founder Phillips Stewart, and a registered nurse to review medical records and help with complicated injury cases.  Their main office is in Carmel, with satellite offices in Indianapolis and Anderson.  Stewart and Stewart also offers a “No Fee Guarantee” like many of the other attorneys on our list, so they won’t charge you a fee if they do not settle your case.

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