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Posted by: David G on 04/15/2015

How to Find the Right Chiropractor for Your Care

How to Find the Right Chiropractor for Your Care

Deciding on what chiropractor to treat with is an important decision in your recovery from an injury, and can be a daunting task.  Studies have shown that picking the wrong chiropractor, and having to change providers partially through your treatment due to a lack of results can delay recovery by months, even years, and can affect the patient for the rest of their lives.   It is also important because unlike a doctor and many other medical providers, chiropractic treatment can require multiple visits per week for many weeks in a row.  At most, doctors may see a patient once every few weeks.  Therefore, you will have a close relationship with your chiropractor, and it is extremely important to find the right one for your treatment.

The first question that needs to be asked is should you be getting chiropractic treatment over physical therapy or other similar treatments.  If you have a problem with your neck and back, a chiropractor is the medical professional you want to see.  But, they do not only treat back and neck injuries. Chiropractors are experts at treating a variety of other body parts, especially those connected to the neck and back, which is basically every part of your body.  They can help with ailments such as headaches, migraines, and asthma, and are natural healers who avoid the use of prescriptions and invasive procedures.  Treatments they offer normally include spinal adjustments, manual traction, massage, heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and exercise. 

What one must realize is that chiropractic educational institutions closely follow the curriculum from medical schools, and the core classes are very similar.  The professors teaching these classes are often respected medical professionals who give their students a well-rounded education in all disciplines of medicine. Yet, being a chiropractor, they specialize in the back, neck, and spine, while other similar medical professionals such as physical therapists, physiotherapists, and rehab specialist just have a general medical knowledge of these regions.  A chiropractor should be your preferred destination to treat a neck or back injury, and can at least equal other general medical professionals for other ailments that may fall under their scope.

Once you have decided to choose a chiropractor to treat with, then comes the hardest part, how do you find and pick one. There are many factors to consider, but one of the most crucial is do they specialize in your type of injury and the treatment that will be required to relieve your pain.  Most chiropractors will do well with any type of care they offer, and many offer a wide range of services.  But they will frequently differ in their approach to treatment and medicine, as well as what they specialize in and the techniques they use.  Some chiropractors may focus their practice in specific areas or types of injuries such as sports injuries, or auto accidents.  They may emphasize different techniques such as using their hands or tools for adjustments, as well as a variety of other techniques.  When it comes to techniques to manipulate the spine, they are often experts in multiple methods.  Chiropractors may rely heavily on spinal adjustments to relive the problem, while other may utilize the other treatments such as the ones previously mentioned in this article.

It is a good idea to have an initial consultation with your chiropractor to go over these topics and discuss your goals.  You will want to discuss short term treatment goals as well as your long term plans.  Strengthening the injured area for the long term so the problem can be avoided in the future and hopefully not reoccur is important and often overlooked.  Many chiropractors will review home exercises early on in the treatment process so the patient can complete these on their own during treatment and long after it is complete to avoid future problems.  Unfortunately, these initial consultations can take time, a full medical history will be needed along with additional diagnostic testing.  This makes it challenging to consult with multiple chiropractors as it is time consuming.

When it comes to this process, nothing can match a face to face meeting with the chiropractor.  But, picking the right one the first time for that initial consultation can save a lot of time.  The most popular way people find chiropractors who are qualified to handle their injuries is through referrals. Primary care doctors are a good source of information, as well as reviews and recommendations.  This is where comes in, as we offer patient reviews as well as recommendations on who to choose.  Our profiles are personally customized by our chiropractors to give you an idea of what they are all about.  The information you find will be what you need to know, and will not be able to be found elsewhere.

One factor I continually see overlooked that can have a great impact on treatment is location.  This would seem like a secondary factor compared to finding the right qualified chiropractor, and it is, but it is still important.  Time and time again I have seen peoples treatment derailed simply because they continually miss their appointment.  Having the best chiropractor in the world will not help a patient if they do not follow the treatment plan and come in to the office as scheduled.   The reason for this is always the same, they cannot make their appointment due to time restraints, not being able to get off work, etc.  It is the #1 reason I hear for missed appointments.  But, the majority of chiropractors have very flexible schedules and will work around their patient’s needs.  It then just becomes a matter of showing up at your scheduled time.  Due to the frequent office visits that chiropractic treatment often requires, it is imperative that the patient pick a chiropractor that is located nearby their home or work, in an area that they often pass through, or can get to regularly.  The success of the treatment hinges on showing up for each and every visit, and if you can easily incorporate the office visit into your daily routine, such as scheduling it on your way to or from work, you will be much more likely to attain your goals. Picking a chiropractor across town or in a location that you cannot get to regularly can be a recipe for failure, regardless of how good and talented the doctor may be.  

Finding a local chiropractor in Indiana can sometimes be a complicated and confusing process.  But if you follow the recommendations I have outlined you should be much more likely to pick the right one for your needs and have a positive treatment outcome.  Using the resources on our site, such as reviewing the profiles to learn more about our chiropractors, reading their reviews, and using the map, can be an invaluable tool to help with your decision.

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