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Greenwood is in JohnsonCounty, and lies just south of Indianapolis, with both sharing a border.  The city has an estimated population of just over 50,000 people spread out over 22 miles, and many parts of the city make up some of the more congested and vehicle dependent areas near Indianapolis.  Public transportation is limited, and depending on what part of town you live and work in, the morning commute, or any commute for that matter, can sometimes be long and arduous.  With these conditions in place, auto accidents are inevitable and common place. 

Auto accidents are also one of the most common causes for neck and back injuries, and anytime there is a situation where motor vehicle accidents occur frequently, high demand for chiropractors to treat these injuries can be expected. Studies have shown that long lasting painful injuries such as whiplash can occur from collisions with speeds as low as 5 miles per hour upon impact.  It is not uncommon that immediately following the accident the victim will feel fine, but then days or weeks later the full extent of the injury starts to revel itself.  Recent research indicates that the first onset of pain following an accident of this type usually does not occur at least until one day post MVA.  Also, 75% of people who suffer whiplash type injuries report that it is still bothering them 6 months after the injury initially occurred.  Due to the nature of soft tissue injuries, whiplash can be very tricky to diagnose, treat, and cure.   Chiropractic care is normally the best treatment option, especially if they are experience in dealing with accidents.

Many chiropractors in Greenwood specialize in neck and back pain as a result of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, which can be crucial to having a positive outcome from your treatment.  Choosing a chiropractor that has experience treating victims of car accidents can be extremely helpful with navigating the complicated process, and getting you back to your pre-accident status.  They use methods and treatments that have specifically shown success when treating those injured in accidents. But, not only can they offer specialized treatment designed to alleviate whiplash and other MVA related injuries, they also tend to be better equipped to handle the claims process.  Efficiently submitting medical bills and records to medpay or third party carriers and getting them over to adjusters or attorneys can be very important if you are trying to settle an injury claim or case.

Finding a Greenwood chiropractic office that specializes in motor vehicle accidents can be an up-hill battle.  While it may be easy to find one who specializes in treating these types of injuries, comparing them to others, and deciding who is the most qualified to treat your injury can be a problem.

The profiles on our site are specifically designed to make it easy to compare specialties, qualifications, and experience of various Greenwood chiropractors. We encourage the chiropractors on our site to provide detailed information regarding these topics, and anything else that might help a patient choose them.  

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