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Fort Wayne is the 2nd largest city in Indiana, with over double the population of the next largest city on the list, Evansville.  It is a diverse city with many attractions including several universities, a zoo, sports teams, several hospitals, and a thriving cultural environment.  It offers a small town feel with the amenities of a large city, and is centrally located to many of the other largest Midwest cities.  Naturally, with a thriving environment and expanding population there is a strong need for high quality diverse medical and chiropractic care.

Research has shown that one of the one of the most common causes for chronic back and neck pain is related to obesity and the lack of exercise.  Indiana overall has seen a great improvement in the health of its residents over the last few decades, with Fort Wayne leading the way for this vast improvement. The city has become known for its expanded parks, added bike lanes, and increased health consciousness.  Unfortunately, there is still room for improvement, as the populations health still lags behind those of other major cities and states.  Lack of exercise, poor diet, and smoking continue to be more prevalent in Indiana than in other areas.  

According to one survey, Indiana ranks 9th out of the 50 states for obesity, and almost 32% of the population are considered to be overweight.  31% of Indiana adults report not exercising or getting any physical activity outside of work on a daily basis. The use of tobacco products is also much higher in the state, with 194,000 Indiana residents currently living with some sort of tobacco related illness.  It is estimated that 21.9% of the adult population smokes, and alcohol consumption continues to be a problem, with 15% of Hoosiers reporting at least one instance of excessive drinking every 30 days.

These are all issues that negatively affect people’s health and weight, and according to the American Obesity Association, 1/3 of people who are considered overweight suffer from some sort of back pain.  Chiropractors specialize in treating people for back pain, but they are also known to promote overall health and wellness, offering suggestions on lifestyle and daily routine improvements.  Some chiropractors offer more than just traditional chiropractic services, and have a background and specialized training in weight loss, diet, and exercise.  Starting an exercise program is difficult for anybody, but especially those who are considered overweight.  Having a chiropractor to help you get through those early days of increased physical activity and the soreness, especially in your back and neck, that follows is invaluable.

If you live in Fort Wayne and are looking for a chiropractor, regardless if your treatment is related to obesity or not, it is important to find the right doctor who specializes in what you need.  This can be paramount to the success of your treatment and reaching your health goals. The profiles on our site contain information about what they specialize in, their background, and a host of other useful information. We urge our Fort Wayne chiropractors to add as much individual information as possible that will allow our visitors to decide if they are the right person for their chiropractic care.

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