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The city of Carmel and HamiltonCounty has been the fastest growing region in the state of Indiana over the past decade.  According to the census bureau, it is now the 8th largest city in the state, and continues to climb the list as its population grows.  The city was ranked as one of the best places to live by CNN in 2010, and has become well known for its excellent school system, expanded city center, and top rated cultural and arts offerings.  With such rapid growth and expansion, along with the affluent new residents the city and county has attracted, there is high demand for chiropractic care as well as alternative natural methods of back and neck treatment.

Statistics show that back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor, following only colds and respitory type illness's.  Estimates show that 30-40% of work related absences are related to back and neck pain, with 25% of those over 20 years old reporting at least one full day of back pain over the last 3 months.  Upwards of 50 million dollars is spent per year on back related treatment, and it is the #1 disability for people worldwide.

Due to the demographics of the population in Carmel, these statistics hit close to home for its residents. Many people in the city have busy lives and are constantly on the go.  They want effective treatment that shows results, regardless of the methods used, and they are willing to pay whatever is needed to get the desired outcomes.Chiropractors in Carmel cater to the needs of their clients, offering spa like settings and a variety of services including mainstream methods as well as alternatives to these not as well known.  Treatments such as acupuncture, hyperbaric therapy, and infrared saunas are just some of the alternative methods practiced by chiropractors and medical providers in this area.  Fitting in with the city’s image, new technologies and techniques tend to be embraced by both patients and doctors in Carmel chiropractic care.   

This variety of treatments and embracing of new technology also poses one of the biggest challenges to Carmel residents seeking chiropractic treatment.  Learning about what treatments the chiropractor offers prior to visiting them, and finding out how effective these alternatives methods are is an important part of having a positive outcome in your treatment.  Some newer and experimental treatment methods have little scientific proof backing up their claimed benefits, and the only benefit may be a placebo effect.  When you need every office visit to count due to a time crunched schedule and busy life, getting treatment that is ineffective will be wasting precious time.  Therefore, getting this information ahead of time is extremely important.

The profiles on our site are specifically designed to provide this needed data, and we encourage the chiropractors on our site to provide information about any new technologies, techniques, or methods they provide.  We also ask patients to leave reviews of their experiences with their chiropractor in Carmel to help others following them make a better decision.

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