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Bloomington is the 6
th largest city in the state of Indiana with over 80,000 residents, and it is located in MonroeCounty in a beautifully scenic setting.  The city has traditionally ranked high on lists for business and entrepreneurship, as it has a bustling business community and many job opportunities. As most people know, it is home to IndianaUniversity, and a large percentage of those residents either go to school there, or have some connection to the university.

With a younger and more unique demographic, Bloomington chiropractic needs differ greatly from most other cities in Indiana.  Studies have shown that half of young adults aged 18-35 suffer from back pain, and in 25% of those cases the person’s ability to work or go to school was effected.   The onset for lower back pain usually occurs around the age of 30, but it is not uncommon for college age young adults in their late teens and twenty’s to have issues with back pain.  The stress of heavy course loads and demanding class work can make a student be much more susceptible to back pain.  With long periods of sitting and working at a desk, and heavy backpacks filled with text books and various gadgets often being a direct cause. 

Sports injuries are also a common cause of back and neck pain for young adults, especially in college, as they tend to be more active than most.  I.U. offers many competitive sports for students to participate in, and the university has one of the largest college programs across the country.   A back or neck injury can occur in just about any sport, although it may be more likely to happen in some over others.  Stretching before and after an activity is also something that young adults are less likely to do, and increases their chances of injury while participating in sports.

Chiropractic care is often the preferred treatment in Bloomington for neck and back injuries, and there are many in the city who cater to young people and specialize in sports injuries.  There is also high demand for basic low cost treatment, as college students often have limited resources, and just want basic no frills treatment that can get them healed quickly.  Young people also tend to heal quickly, and often do not need the latest or most advanced technology to get them back to 100%.  Finally, due to I.U. students and faculty being from all across the country and world, chiropractors in Bloomington see many different types of health insurance and coverage’s.  Many students are still on their parents health insurance policies, so they regularly see all sorts of different insurance coverage’s and policies.

Chiropractors in Bloomington understand the unique needs of patients in their city, and most are fully prepared to treat them.  To find a chiropractor that will suite your needs, please search our site and review the profiles of nearby chiropractors.  We currently have over 100 profiles for Bloomington and surrounding cities on our site.  Use the search on our main page to find them by zipcode, name, specialty, or any other specific criteria. Or click below to see a list of all of them.

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