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Welcome to  We are the #1 online resource for people looking to connect with the best Indiana chiropractors in their city.  Leveraging our years of experience, we have created a network of the top chiropractors in each Indiana city who are eager to help assist injured people relieve their neck pain, back pain, and a variety of other ailments that hinder the quality of their daily life. 

Our site was founded by David Goldstein, a veteran of the personal injury and insurance fields, as well as author of the book "Insure Your Car for Less". Through his efforts at one of the largest law firms in Indiana, Keller and Keller, and insurance giant Progressive, he has worked side by side with many medical providers and chiropractors in Indiana, Kentucky, and across the country. Over the course of handling thousands of injury and medical claims, he saw a need to help patients make smarter and more informed decisions when choosing medical providers such as chiropractors.

Studies have shown that the treatment a patient receives, particularly in their first few months, is key to their recovery. This is especially true when the injury has occurred from an auto or motorcycle accident. Having to switch providers midway through treatment because there is little to no improvement, or worst of all, the pain is getting worse, can delay a patient’s recovery by months or even years, and potentially affect them for the rest of their life. Making the right decision about who to treat with initially is extremely important, and should not be taken lightly.

Unlike other areas of medicine, there can be a vast difference in the type of treatment a person receives from different chiropractors depending on a multitude of factors, such as background, philosophies, experience, techniques, and other accreditations.  Chiropractors can often be knowledgeable in a variety of different areas, which may make one more capable of handling your injury and resolving your pain over another.  Practices in Indiana often tend to be smaller in size or solo practices, making it more difficult to find information about them, differentiate the good from the bad, and choose one over another. This is where we come in!

Our mission is to use the extensive experience our team has working with local chiropractors in Indiana to provide a place where people suffering from back and neck pain along with other related physical problems can come to find the best chiropractors in their city to treat them.  We have a thorough selection process for selecting “Indianas Best” in each city and region, which includes our previous history of working with them, as well as an extensive interview and review process.

To find a top rated chiropractor in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Evansville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Bloomington, Muncie, Terre Haute, Kokomo, or any other city in Indiana please search our network and look for the “Indianas Best” badge.  

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